Datum zveřejnění:

Art. 13 and seq. of Regulation EU 2016/679 (“GDPR”)
VWS MEMSEP s.r.o. informs that any personal and fiscal data are processed under paper, electronic and digital format
for contract and legislative obligations only. Apart from data communication and diffusion to accomplish legal and contract
obligations, data obtained will be communicated, respecting the above-mentioned motivations, to the following
external entities: lending institutions and other financial brokers for any fulfilment related to the commercial negotiation,
professionals, consultants and service providers, law offices and debt comp collection companies. Personal data will be stored
for the entire length of the contractual relationship or for a longer period if requested by any applicable law. Data communication
is legally mandatory and it is vital to complete contractual obligations. Rights deriving from art. 15 and seq. can be
exerted through written request to the following e-mail address vwsmemsep@memsep.cz.