VWS MEMSEP respects and fully endorses the values and principles of Corporate Social Responsibility
and Sustainable Development formulated and valid for the whole Veolia Group:

  • Responsibility
  • Solidarity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Customer orientation

Veolia develops its activities as a socially responsible company, which means that its corporate strategy
consists of working practices and attitudes that contribute to sustainable development and help to
improve the overall situation of the surrounding society.
VWS MEMSEP s.r.o. is governed by the rules of conduct adopted in Veolia, which applies to all
employees in performing their duties at all levels of management in the areas of:
  • Legal compliance
  • Combatting of corruption
  • Conflict of interest prevention
  • Ethics in finance and accounting
  • Confidentiality
  • Safety

Veolia wants to change the current and future world into a more pleasant place for life, where prosperity unites
with respect for nature. Our goal is to ensure the necessary resources for humankind in such a way that these
resources continue to renew and remain here for future generations. In order to succeed in this task, the Group
has undergone a fundamental transformation. Its essence is a brand that also represents a commitment: Resourcing the World.
Shaping clever solutions and new services bringing long-term value to our municipal and industrial customers while
reducing the environmental footprint, is in our DNA.
To prove our social responsibility and commitments in the area of sustainability, we have decided to accept nine key
commitments in three main areas. As regards each of the commitments, we have defined specific goals that we want to achieve by 2020.
For more details see the CSR report: “Our commitments to sustainable development”.